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Luxgateway est spécialisée dans la programmation d’applications sur-mesure multiplateformes (iOS, Android) ainsi que le déploiement à grande échelle de réseaux Wi-Fi basés sur la structure carrier-grade permettant la gestion centralisée du réseau Wi-Fi et le contrôle intégral sur toutes les fonctions des hotspots ainsi que des clients qui y sont connectés. C’est une solution développée en interne et faite sur-mesure pour chaque client.

Dans le domaine des Beacons, Luxgateway propose une solution globale et ouverte pour digitaliser les Centres commerciaux, les grandes surfaces et les points de vente.

Grâce à un hub digital et une console d’édition collaborative assurant la programmation des contenus et des opérations marketing, l’équipe opérationnelle pilote et synchronise les différents canaux digitaux : site web, application mobile, borne tactile, écrans et mur digitaux, application B to C, iBeacon, QR Code, RFID, NFC, application de PLV dynamique.

Un dispositif technique seul ne produit aucun effet. Luxgateway met au point des expériences utilisateur qui favorisent la création de trafic, la récurrence d’utilisation des supports digitaux et la transformation.

Elles s’appuient sur la mise à disposition de nombreux formats d’animation commerciale et/ou participative disponibles pour les différents canaux digitaux.

Une solution adoptée par les centres commerciaux Beaugrenelle-Paris et Waves-Metz.



PDF-Icon-128Agreement signed to bring innovative commercial solutions to the UAE and GCC

Mar 14 2016
  • Entermarkets, Luxgateway and Octopian sign agreement to implement Beacon Technology in the region
  • Disruptive technology will improve performance and grow businesses across the GCC

Entermarkets, the UAE-headquartered, innovation and technology company focused on consultancy and product development, has today announced the official signing of an agreement with Luxgateway and Octopian to jointly offer end-to-end digital solutions across the GCC.

photo_01The agreement with Luxgateway – the specialist in programming cross-platform mobile applications and in deploying large scale carrier-grade Wi-Fi networks, and Octopian – the global IT services provider – will bring cutting-edge beacon technology to the region, with Entermarkets confident that the latest breakthroughs in Wi-Fi will allow more proximity between vendors, clients, and governments to their end users.

“The agreement with Luxgateway and Octopian will bring innovative commercial solutions such as the latest beacon technology to the GCC, evolving the technology landscape in the region. With this technology, we are targeting large shopping centers, hypermarkets, tourist hotspots, stadiums and museums – wherever people are, beacons will allow them to find out information on the spot, and organizations will be able to tailor their offerings perfectly to individual needs,” explained Amjad Mustafa, Executive Director, Entermarkets.

“Since our establishment in 2012, Entermarkets has developed a reputation as a fast growing digital transformation company that approaches the industry with new solutions based on the latest technology trends. This agreement and the technology it will bring to the region will help push the region forward,” added Amjad Mustafa.

Beacon technology helps to create a different way of providing location-based information and services to smartphones and mobile hardware. The beacons themselves are small, Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) transmitters. Apps installed on smartphones listen out for the signal transmitted by these beacons and respond accordingly when the phone comes into range.

“The technology linked with our hands-on experience in the Internet of Things (IoT) has great benefits for individuals and organizations. For example, if an individual passes a beacon in a shop or enters a mall and has the app installed, special offer alerts can be displayed live precisely to that individual leveraging real-time products or services in a similar way as their online counterparts. For businesses that want to improve performance and grow, this disruptive technology is inevitable,” said Dr. Antoine Santoni, CEO of Luxgateway.

“It is a pleasure to bring technology that will benefit the Middle East, and I believe we have found visionary partners in Entermarkets and Luxgateway,” said Dr. Tariq Jbarah, Managing Director, Middle East / Asia, Octopian.

In addition to the agreement with Luxgateway and Octopian, Entermarkets revealed that it intends to invest in a multi-million dollar facility to manufacture Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) wireless technology beacons in the region, which will add to the vision of the UAE government in making the nation home to world-leading skills and technologies.

With its capacity to provide 360-turnkey services, Entermarkets will integrate its logistics, location app OnTheWay, its Harmony platform and wearable technology solutions with Luxgateway’s beacons and Wi-Fi systems to give precision-connectivity to clients and customers alike.

OnTheWay aims to provide precision logistics to organizations and individuals that allows them to command and control the delivery of their products and goods right to the doors of their clients and consumers.

The Harmony solution, provides an organization with Total Enterprise Identity Management, providing the ability to map the identity of individuals to the identity of assets, thereby providing a perfect environment for efficient and secure operations.

photo_02About Entermarkets:

Established in 2012, Entermarkets is an innovation-oriented technology company focused on consultancy and product development, as well as systems integration headquartered in the United Arab Emirates. Entermarkets has grown from just two staff in 2012 to over 50 employees in 2016.

Entermarkets is committed to creating business solutions that change the lives of people in the Middle East. We do this by using the latest technology and innovative solutions, employing applied research developed in conjunction with renowned local and international institutes. This joint research with partners and clients helps us to develop and commercialize solutions and products in-line with the region’s vision to become a true knowledge-based economy.

Our leadership team has over 20 years’ experience working for large international systems integrators and consulting companies, which gives us a unique insight into international benchmarks on which to measure the region’s technological requirements, as well as solid processes to deliver our projects successfully and realize the commercial benefits.

We are well supported by silent investors from across the region who share a vision of an innovative and connected, knowledge-based Middle East. One of our main investors is Al Gihaz Holding and one of our key partners is Fraunhofer Fokus.

About Luxgateway:

Luxgateway is specialized in deploying large-scale carrier-grade Wi-Fi networks. The unified platform allows the integration of third parties’ WiFi networks enabling a quick rollout even all over a country with the extreme benefit for clients of having only to login once and enjoy WiFi wherever they are. This is an internally developed and customer-designed solution.

In the Beacon area Luxgateway proposes a global solution for digitizing shopping centers, hypermarkets and points of sales. The benefits reside not only in the big data analysis, but also in the LIVE marketing tool proposed.

Using a digital hub and a collaborative editing console handling the programming of the content and marketing operations, the operational team can control and synchronize the different digital channels: web site, mobile application, tactile wayfinder, digital screens and walls, B2C application, i Beacon , QR Code, RFID, NFC, dynamic POS display application.

A technical device as such has no added value. Luxgateway develops and perfects user experiences that encourage traffic creation and the recurring use of the digital media and transformation.

About Octopian:

Octopian is a world leader in customer support. With huge experience in airport facilities, Octopian will provide the overall solution to airport facilities in all of the airports across the region and in addition to this will provide multi-level support to the infrastructure which will end up neing deployed in the customer sites.

Octopian an organization that operates within the unique overlapped area between two industries, IT services and aviation. It is rare to find a global IT services provider that possess a real global covering as Octopian does in more than 190+ cities around the world.

Contacts for journalists:

Weber Shandwick

Phone: +971 4 4454 222

Email: entermarkets@webershandwick.com

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